Vaastu for Sex

Well, romance is much more pleasurable, exciting, adventurous and sentimental than love. Romance adds a further dimension to love the feeling of mystery! Romance takes love to much higher level, beyond all physical bonds. According to Stephanie Mayer, ‘There is no good story without romance.’ Some legendary tales took romance to the highest levels of piety and just to mention a few from our own culture are: Radha- Krishna, Savitri-Satyavaan and Shakuntala-Dushyant.

What is Sex?
Sex in the most understood form is the provision of nature to propagate life. It is a kind of force which attracts and lures members of opposite sex and persuades them for sexual union so that the race is propagated. The force of attraction associated with sex must not be confused with that of true love.
But right kind of sex has even much higher purpose attached to it than just procreation. It can transform a person!

Is Sex a Taboo?
Well, as we all observe the view point is changing fast. Things have changed so much during the last couple of decades that sex was earlier not discussed as openly as it is now. So although sex is no more a taboo but as yet it is still most misunderstood. People confuse sex with love and fail to understand each in the purest form.

Distinction between Sex and Vulgarity
What you see and hear through audio and visual media nowadays is no doubt vulgarity and items designed to titillate the most animal instincts in the viewers. Such negative intentions have greatly harmed our society and culture and continue to do so. No doubt the interests of the media are commercial and they succeed, but who is responsible for the society? No one can dismiss that such vulgarity and titillation has played some role in the recent increase in sexual crimes.
Pure sex between partners can be uplifting and evolving whereas sensuality, vulgarity and titillation are harmful not only for the individuals but for the whole society.

Sexual Partners
Our society does not permit having more than one sexual partner as it upsets the value based social system. Even in permissive cultures like those of the west we observe the alarming rise of frustration and crime and spiritual bankruptcy due to sexual permissiveness in their society.
Apart from procreation sex has a much higher role if practiced by the life partners who are in love with each other. For life partners who have unbound mutual love sexual practice works wonders in uplifting their spiritual stature and evolving them. Wrong sexual practices and too much indulgence without love deplete one of vital energies and leads to various physical and mental ailments.

Raising Kundalini the Safe Way
Right kind of sex between loving partners partially raises their Kundalini. Well for those who are not aware of Kundalini let me explain that it is immense latent power at a subtle center at the base of the spine near the organs of procreation and defecation. In ordinary people this power is like a sleeping serpent which is sitting there coiled up. As the Kundalini is raised the serpent wakes up and the tremendous power rises up along the subtle nerve called Sushmananadiin the spinal column. As this force rises it opens up certain subtle spiritual centers of awareness and the person becomes dynamic and an awakened being.

Here a word of warning; raising the Kundalini through wrong practices or prematurely can land one in a mental home, so leave it alone. Right kind of sex between loving partners partially raises the Kundalini in a safe way and helps the partners to evolve.

Taking Guidance from the Scriptures
Our scriptures tell us that getting free of the unending cycles of life, death and rebirth is possible only if we overcome the five shackles of Kaam (desires including sexual desires and lusts), Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Greed),Moh (Attachment) and Ahankaar (Ego). Well it is an immense task because while in the physical body we are normally bogged down in material pursuits only. The sooner we wake up from our slumber the better. Desires especially the lustful sexual desires are insatiable and we may waste many lives living like lowly animals.
Unless one frees oneself from physical pleasures one does not experience the much loftier spiritual pleasures. In SrimadBhagvad Gita Lord Krishna tellsArjuna:
‘Chintaam-parimeyaam cha pralayantamupashritaam,

Chapter 16, Shloka 11
In the above shloka while talking about people involved in sensuous pleasure the Lord says, “Giving themselves up to innumerable cares ending only with death, they remain devoted to the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures and are positive in their belief that this is the highest limit of joy.”

Yes, Vaastu can Improve Your Sex Life!
We have seen that illicit sex is bad but sex between married partners is good and healthy. So being such an important part of life one must give due care to enhance one’s sexual life and in this regard the ancient science and art of Vaastu and FengShui can greatly help.
For a married couple their bedroom is the main place where they can freely indulge in their sexual acts. As per Vaastu a bedroom in the south or southwest provides good stable marital relations.
A bed room in the southeast can bring much heat into your sexual experiments and bring much satisfaction to both the partners. But this direction belongs to the Fire element and even a little matter can blow up and cause rift between the couple. So in case your bedroom is in this direction then avoid arguments and be polite to each other. The best alternative to this problem is that you only use this room for your sexual activity and sleep in some other room.
For a newly married couple even the northwest direction is good. The Wind element which governs this direction can give much air to the newly awakened sexual fires of the newly wed couple, but they should keep their bedroom in this direction only for some initial time and not permanently as this is an unstable direction.

Set the Right Environment
The environment in the bedroom must be conducive to relaxation and sexual activity. Avoid keeping all work related items such as computers, files and papers etc. in this room as these will distract your attention. It is good to hang pictures of young couples in romantic poses.
Place some fresh flowers especially red ones to add freshness and delicate feelings to the environment. Remove all clutter from this room and keep it neat and clean.
Place your bed not in line with the door, but the door should be visible from the bed. Use double bed but a single mattress. Using two mattresses can lead to differences and separation.
It is a practice nowadays among young couples to place a mirror facing the bed so that they see themselves while making sex. But it is a wrong practice and must be avoided. It is better not to place any mirror in your bedroom or at least not one facing the bed.
In many houses it is a common practice to use a corner of the bedroom for worship. In case you have worship altar then use some kind of partition in order to separate it.
Do not hang pictures of Gods and Goddesses or your family members in this room, off course you don’t want to make love in their presence.

Sexuality and Sun Signs
Although astrology is not the topic of this article yet it suffices to mention that it has a lot to do with your sexual behavior. People mostly know their Sun Signs and eagerly read the Sun Sign based forecasts which appear in newspapers and magazines.

Your Sun Sign plays an important role in determining your sexual behavior. First of all for those who wish to know their Sun Sign table-1 below will help.

Table 1: Sun sign corresponding to the date of birth.
Date of Birth Sun Sign
21 Mar To 20 Apr Aries
21 Apr To 21 May Taurus
22 May To 21 Jun Gemini
22 Jun TO 22 Jul Cancer
23 Jul To 23 Aug Leo
24 Aug To 22 Sep Virgo
23 Sep To 23 Oct Libra
24 Oct To 22 Nov Scorpio
23 Nov To 21 Dec Sagittarius
22 Dec To 20 Jan Capricorn
21 Jan To 18 Feb Aquarius
19 Feb To 20 Mar Pisces

So once you know your Sun Sign you can have an idea about your sexual intensity and behavior from table-2 and table-3 respectively. Let me add here that Sun Sign is not the only factor in determining your sexual behavior minutely, there are other factors as well, but this will give you a broad idea.

Table 2: Sexual intensity corresponding to the Sun Sign
Sun Signs Sexual Intensity
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Too Sexy
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Moderately Sexy
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Have Secret Sex Likings
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Moderately Sexy but Highly Passionate

So I hope these tableswill help you in knowing your own and your partner’s sexual behavior to some extent.
Astrology is a wonderful tool for personality analysis. It can even give you some estimate about your partner’s penis or vagina size. Don’t be surprised; just keep visiting my site for such wonderful revelations from time to time.

Table 3: Sexual Behavior corresponding to the Sun Signs
Sun Sign Sexual Behavior
Aries Arians carry an Aura of intense passion and sexual desire. Their over enthusiastic attitude towards sexual act keeps them from getting full satisfaction. They need to exercise tranquil manners.
Taurus They are not impulsive rather take their time to think and decide. They donot like one night stand in sex rather a strong long lasting relationship. They like foreplay before having sexual intercourse.
Gemini They are quite adventurous in sex and do not hesitate to try new ideas. They need equally adventurous partners.
Cancer They are strongly sexual but being emotionally sensitive tend to be moody. They need partners who can praise them always.
Leo Highly passionate and demanding in sex. They have sexual charm to attract the desired partner.
Virgo They are by nature shy and cannot open up easily with partner unless trust develops. They need a partner with slow and steady approach during sexual act.
Libra They get sexual satisfaction when they learn that they have satisfied their partner.
Scorpio They have strong sexual desire and are adventurous. Their sexual drives are such that satisfaction is rare to find. They are quite mysterious and not easily understood by their partner.
Sagittarius Once aroused they are eager to have sex and do not like any foreplay.
Capricorn They are very selective in choosing partner. They need partners with initiative for sexual activity. They would like foreplay and oral sex but only if initiated by the partner.
Aquarius They prefer steady but adventurous sexual activity when aroused. They lack sexual drive and at times seem to be sexually dull.
Pisces Once they get sympathy and protection from partner they open up sexually. They need such a partner who can make them feel at home and win their confidence.

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