Vaastu Principles

Location of land
An Ideal House can be made on a “GAUMUKHI PLOT”, While selecting a plot the following points should be observed:

Directions facing

Northeast : over all good for home, factory and offices

Northwest : good for trading, business and industry

Southeast : good for chemical, petrochemical, or electric related business or industry

Southwest : good only for night time activities

2. Shape of the plot

There are many shapes and designs of the plots. But only four shapes of plots are recommended.


SHERDAH: It means a plot which is wider in front then the back(like a face of a lion). It is good for business and industry.

GAUMUKHI:It means a plot which is wider in back then the front (like a face of a cow). It is good for residential purpose.

3. Slope

The slope of the plot or land should be towards north and east.

4. Plots having road on one side

The plots facing North and East Road  OVERALL PROSPERITY

The plot facing West Road  NAME and FAME

The plot facing South Road  BUSINESS

5. Plots having roads on both sides

The plot facing North & East Roads  GOOD in overall PROSPERITY

The plot facing East & South Roads  GOOD for females

The plot facing South & West Roads  AVERAGE

The plot facing West & North Roads  GOOD

The plots facing North & South Roads  AVERAGE

6. Plots having roads on three sides

Plot facing (covered by roads on three sides) three side roads are WEAK PLOTS. It can be improved by providing passage on fourth side.

7. Plots having roads on all sides

Plot facing roads on all sides is the BEST PLOT.

8. Plots facing roads with t-junction

Plots facing road with T-Junction are WEAK PLOTS.

9. Plots at the dead end of the road

The plot at the end of the road is NOT a GOOD PLOT

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