Vaastu for financial Success

Most of us wonder why we do not get the fruits t the efforts that we put for our work. Let us look at how Vaastu can help us to getting better results and fruits to our efforts. The structure of house or flat we live in can support to increase our financial condition. I have noticed, that after minor alterations in the house people were satisfied with the inflow to the results to their efforts.

Directions, as per vaastu, beneficial for helping financial prosperity are the north and north-east where as east is considered as the direction of name and fame. The north direction is of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. It should be ensured that other directions do not have any negative influence related to finances and are as per Vaastu principles.

As North is considered as the direction of finance, any obstacle would bring obstacles in the flow of wealth and prosperity. However, if the block cannot be removed, placing an aquarium or a small fountain towards the north of the house serves as a good remedy.

Safes or vaults in your house should open toward north or east direction i.e. they should face north or east directions. If otherwise it is likely to result in expenses. Position the almirah locations to the South-west corners of this room and let the face be towards north to enhance the cash flow.

Stagnant water is considered as symbol of financial loss, hence any source or form of stagnant water should be avoided inside the house. As the water is considered as a symbol of personal financial health in Vaastu, it should not be allowed to stagnate. Where as moving water in the form of fountains are considered to be source helping on financial growth.

Leakages of taps in your house are a symbol of expenses. This situation should be immediately taken care off. If there is any bore-well or any underground water storage in South, it may lead to heavy financial loss and may also have adverse effects. Similarly, a water tank located in the northwest direction is not considered good.

Place a moving water source such as fountain in North-East to ensure consistency and growth in your finances. An aquarium with nine gold fish and one black fish placed in the north east corner of your house or place of business would ensure a good income flow.

If a underground water storage tank, bore-well or swimming pool is to be made in the compound ensure that it is constructed in the North, North-East or East zones.

If an elevated swimming pool is to be constructed it is good in west direction. This will ensure growth of property.

As south-west area represents power and stability (an area of Sthir Lakshmi), professionals should ensure proper use of this direction to receive more power.

If the toilet is next to the main door, it could result in debts. As the toilet represents waste and toilet water represents stagnancy, a toilet next to your home entrance represents flushing of your wealth. This situation should be avoided as much as possible.

Whenever there are doors in straight line, the entrance and the other doors leading directly to the last door outside the house, represents that the wealth or money inflow and outflow are same. The wealth does not stay in such house.

Few of these simple rules of Vaastu can help better your financial conditions. To lead a prosperous life, if it requires such simple steps to be followed why should we wait.

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