Nature and Vaastu

The whole universe is combination of five basic elements. While making or constructing a building if all five basic elements of nature are considered, then creative energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy is produced. And it gives good health, wealth and prosperity to human – beings. This human body too is a unique example of these five basic elements, like a water element is present in foot. Earth element in knee. Air element in Naval. Fire element both the shoulders and space element in brain. If there is no co-ordination among these fire elements then our energies weaken. And it results into tension ill health, and disturbs the peace of mind. All the fire basic elements have their respective results. A human being cannot survive in the absence of even a single element. By adopting vaastu shastra all the five basic element can be brought into your favour or be conducive to you.

Earth (Prithvi)

It has special significance life is possible on earth only. There is a magnetic attraction between North Pole and South Pole of earth. The gravitation law of earth also effects both living and non – living substances. It is why ‘Bhumi Poojan’ is performed first of all, while building a house or any construction if a plot is chosen as per right direction, good background and level, and by keeping internal & external atmosphere neat & clean earth element & conducive to you.

Water (Jal)

Water only makes the life possible. May it be human being or plants, none can survive without water. Three – fourths of earth is water only. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas (a life giving gas). In water, an element called RAS (Taste) resides, which flows a new energy to our life. Water placement should be in right direction in home. We can make water element conducive or favorable to us storing clear water in right direction in our premises by placing hand pump, underground water tank, and overhead tank at right place and by providing well for water outlet.

Fire (Agni)

Fire also, like water, is significant. It is fire which cooks the food, and this food imparts life to human being. Fire gives us light heat and energy. Sun is the main source of energy, with the help or presence of energy and light of sun, plants prepare its food. There is a special significance of fire in good deeds (Shubh Karya) may it be home – admission (GREH PRAVESH) or any other religious function or pious reading, fire element is there in one or other form. So there should be a right and good combination in proper ratio, in our dwelling places. This element can be made conducive by placing gezser, stove, mixie etc. (all electrical appliances) in South – East direction of the kitchen.

Air (Vaayu)

Air is a precious gift given by nature. All living creatures get life through air only. The earth is surrounded by a huge atmosphere. This atmosphere contains many gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon – Dioxide, Carbon – Monoxide etc, and particles of dust, soil steam which affect our life. The North – East direction of a building produces ultra – violet and good omen rays. If rubbish is kept in this direction, it will produce carbon-di-oxide and Nitrogen like poisonous gases polluting the good rays. Therefore inside and outside of a building there should be doors, windows, and ventilation in right direction so that healthy air should enter the building and polluted air exits.

Space (Aakash)

Space element is very essential. It causes sound. This gift (sound) has made our life prosperous. There is a assumption that if Earth, Fire and Air element have been made conducive then space element is turned conducive automatically or by itself.

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