Importance of vaastu

  1. Vastu Shastra benefits everyone. This science touches every aspect of human life.
  2. Vastu homes offer a healthy and a secure life for the housewife, a protection from emotional traumas and a meaningful existence for her self, her husband and her children. A family will have good income, great social and personal life, recognition in professional fields, and a strong family bond.
  3. Vastu can be used by the Corporate world to enhance their employees’ productivity and increase their sales and productivity.
  4. Vastu Shastra can be successfully used by all professionals like Doctors, Attorneys, Consultants and Counselors, Engineers and Contractors to create a space that enhances health, well being, and a pleasant atmosphere which encourages good communication between clients, customers, and professionals.
  5. Vastu Shastra can design hospital buildings which harness nature’s curative powers to heal faster.
  6. Vastu Shastra can be used by factories to improve their efficiency, enhance safety of their workers, and minimize machine downtime.
  7. Vastu principles can be utilized very effectively to design hotels, clubhouses, retreats and restaurants to create a space which offers tranquility, comfort and beauty to their customers.
  8. Vastu principles can boost the sale of Malls, Shopping Cenres and retail outlets.
  9. Vastu planning can also benefit places of worship, meditation and yoga centres, and educational institutions and create an ambience of harmony, balance and tranquility to promote learning, inner peace and quick healing healing of the chakras and pranic energy.
  10. In fact the modern society needs to garner the benefit of Vastu more than ever before.
  11. Vastu Shastra principles have been in practice in India for several centuries, and it is a matter of observation that when correctly applied, the Vastu principles have been found to deliver excellent results. Even today they are as relevant as they were centuries ago.
  12. The way we live has changed. Our lifestyles have undergone radical transformations. The modern living has exerted unprecedented pressure on the people and their habitat. All around us we find an increase in family and work related tension: we are becoming prone to hypertension, stresses, pain, anger, agony and antipathy. Everybody in the society is looking for various means and ways to find relief from tensions at levels of physical, mental, spiritual, financial, matrimonial or any social or non-social psychological conflicts.
  13. An intelligent application of Vastu principles can insulate us from these negative influences, add richness to our lifestyle and promote peace, harmony, prosperity, wealth, happiness, mental peace and spiritual growth.
  14. Even finances. Finances are highly sensitive to Vastu changes, and it is possible to manipulate buildings designs to ensure healthy financial conditions.
  15. Correct implementation of Vastu principles can improve relationships between co-workers, between management and workers, between friends and relatives, between organizations and their clients – the scope of Vastu in modern living is vast.
  16. Of particular interest would be the application of Vastu principles in designing the layouts of industries. Industries are highly susceptible to Vastu faults. The reason is obvious: they are exposed to heavy loads of machinery, raw material and finished goods, brute mechanical action of the machines like cutting, piercing, shearing, drilling, bending, high to very high temperatures of furnaces, heat treatment plants, welding activities, movement of heavy vehicles, goods, people etc.
  17. Vaastu is a living science and a great hope for our tomorrow. No other method of designing and construction is as deep, profound and philosophical as Vastu. A correct interpretation and application of tenets and Vastu postulates combined with modern architecture can go a long way in alleviating the pressures of modern living.

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