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FengShui Tips For Office:

1. Sit diagonally to the entrance door and facing the door.

2. Do not sit near a restroom or share a wall with it or sit under a bathroom above your head.

3. The space in front of your table should be open and not cramped. Your desk should be organized and files on which you are not working should not be stacked on your table .The centre should be kept clean and clutter free.

4. Sit with a solid wall at your back to get support of your higher officials. You can put a picture of mountain behind your chair to get you support and keep betrayals at bay.

5. To increase wealth, opportunities in your career and advancement, place water feature like a fountain or an aquarium in front of your table, especially in the North and East facing offices.

6. Enhance the energy of your South wall by placing red colour candles, objects or lights .This would bring recognition and fame to you and your company. Put the name of your firm or your name in red colour and hang it on the South wall in a red wooden frame. You can also exhibit your certificates of merits and awards framed in red wooden frames to bring in more recognition and fame.

7. To get mentors and helpful people at work, look at your Northwest direction. Keep it clean and place a 6 rod all metal wind chime, place a white crystal lotus and place a golden metal dragon in this direction. You can also keep the photo of your boss here, so as to create a better rapport with him. Do not place any water or blue / black colour objects here.

Feng Shui tips to help you sell your property fast:

1. Prospective buyers must feel that your deal is good and worth it.  Use lots of horizontal space. Clear off all the tops of everything (dressers, counters, shelves, etc.).  Remove all clutter. This makes the room feel larger and makes buyers focus on a Feng Shui good luck area. The place should look well-kept and there should be no dust. Even when not in use it should be kept clean.

2. The front door should be well kept as it gives the first impression. You can keep the lights turned on in front of the main door, a new doormat, and have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants and flowers etc.

3. It is always advisable to sell the property after you have moved out of it and getting it cleaned and ready for the fresh energy to enter once again. Also once sold you must present the buyer some token of thanks such as a flower pot or something made of earthen ware as it will give them good luck in this house.

4. For Sale sign should be displayed in the right way.

Make sure the “for sale” sign is to the right of the front door as you look at it.  This is the yang, or energetic, side of the house.

5. Place a table in the hall of the house, on the right as you enter the front door, with business cards, literature, a bowl of chocolates or cinnamon candies, and small vase of fresh flowers.  Put this on a red-colored cloth.

6. The northwest corner of the home to be activated by crystal globe, you can even place a big globe in the centre of the main hall to activate the earth luck.

7. In Feng Shui, kitchens are prosperity and health areas. There should be no litter in the kitchen and the bathrooms Place a small, lush plant and jar full of cookies on the kitchen counter.

8. Make sure there are no plants touching the house (this draws energy away from the house), no dead plants or withering plants and the grass should be well trimmed and the plants well watered.

9. The bathroom doors should be always shut. The buyer should not see the toilets first.

Feng Shui tips to energize Wealth :

Below are various ways of attracting wealth as per your Chinese zodiac sign.When these energizers are placed as per the directions given below they energize the wealth area of your animal sign and help in accumulating wealth.

  • Rat: To place a red colour closed envelope in the south direction.
  • Ox: To place yang water feature like fountain or aquarium in the north direction.
  • Tiger: To place two pebbles or boulders in the southwest direction.
  • Rabbit: To place eight pebbles or boulders in the northeast direction.
  • Dragon: To place yang water feature like fountain or aquarium in the north direction.
  • Snake: To place a mechanical music box in west direction.
  • Horse: To place a mechanical music box in west direction.
  • Sheep: To place yang water feature like bubbling water fountain or aquarium in the north direction.
  • Monkey: To place a healthy jade or money plant in the east direction.
  • Rooster: To place a healthy plant like jade or money plant in the east direction.
  • Dog: To place yang water feature like bubbling fountain or aquarium in the north direction.
  • Boar: To place a red colour closed packet in the south direction

Feng Shui tips for Your House:

In this series we shall discuss the various locations for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, study and so on as per the directions.

North Direction

The element of the North direction is water. Its colors are black and blue. It signifies sex, career, education, tranquility and relaxation. It is an ideal site for the main bedroom where you can have a satisfying sex life and peaceful contended relationship with your spouse. It is also a very good zone for spiritual enlightenment or meditation and when you meditate here, you can easily increase your intellectual powers.

Northeast Direction

The element of this direction is earth and the colour associated is blue. It denotes knowledge and imparts motivation and sense of purpose to the personality in this part of the house. It helps to clarify the goals and abilities of people who spend time in this zone. It is a very good sector for students, researchers and people seeking a job.

East Direction

It is associated with wood element and the major colour being green. It instils a sense of contentment and optimism and brings a radical positive energy into your life. Best suited for bedrooms of individuals who are pessimistic and feel low.

Southeast Direction

The element of this direction is also wood, but small wood. It denotes wealth and creativity and the colour associated with it is that of vitality, that is purple colour. People having their study, studio or office here will gradually and steadily accumulate wealth and success in their business.

South Direction

The element of this region is fire and the colour associated with it is red. This region has lots of energy and passion and this energy is very conducive to success and fame in society. It is an ideal location for dining room where it is beneficial for both the host as well as the guest. It is good for using for bedroom for people who want to be famous, but generally the energy of this so strong that they may have sleepless nights too.

Southwest Direction

It is associated with earth element and the pink colour. It signifies tranquillity, relationships and practical approach to life. A living room or dining room in this area keeps the family bonded and compassionate towards one another. A bedroom in this area provides a warm and comfortable emotional bonding between the spouses.

West Direction

The element associated with this direction is metal and the colour is white. This direction activates prosperity of the entire family in general. It also spreads love within the family. A dining table here ensures that the family remains united and general prosperity is also ensured.

Northwest Direction

The element is small metal and the colour is grey. Here the energy affects both the social as well as business circle as it creates the ability to plan, organize and lead. This is again an ideal place for study or home office.

Central Direction

Its element is earth and the colour associated with it is yellow. The central zone is the hub or the most powerful point of positive energy in terms of physical, emotional and health aspects. The centre of the house or the room should not be blocked as it can lead to serious health problems.

FengShui Tips For House and Office

Step 1. Open all windows and doors for at least 8 hours daily before sunset.

Step 2. Swipe your floor with rock salt mixed in water to cleanse away the negativity from your home and office.

Step 3. Blow conch twice daily after offering prayers.

Step 4. Remove all the things which you have not used in the past three years and give it away to people who would need them.

Step 5. Keep all the things in your homes and offices clean and dust free. Do not use torn cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow cases, bed covers, table tops, curtains etc. Keep your sofas and other furniture clean.

Step 6. Play music daily which is soothing and rejuvenating like morning ragas, religious music, natural sounds like waves of oceans, chirping of birds, which connect you with nature. This will create positive vibrations around you.

Step 7. Dispense camphor or aroma oils like sandalwood, jasmine, lavender etc. or burn incense in your homes and offices. It shall soothe your nerves thus bringing peace and tranquillity and benevolent chi would surround you.

Step 8. Place your furniture in such way so as to have enough space to move around clockwise and the main door should open into an open space.

Step 9. Hang faceted crystals where ever you can catch the sunlight. As sunlight passes through it, it forms a spectrum of rainbow colours which brings with it lots of positive and vibrant energy.

Step 10. Place fresh seasonal flowers on the dining table, centre table in the living room, alley ways and corridors and change them every day. They bring in the positive yang energy into your homes and into your lives.

Vaastu Tips FOR Construction

Before starting any construction, Vaastu recommends major guidelines, that are defined here for your reference. It is suggested that before the starting any construction, we must be well prepared. Hence, the guidelines explained here will enable us to be ready for the time-consuming task of construction of a House. As Vaastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As a Vaastu Expert, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.

Determination of Site Orientation

What direction the plot faces should be determined with the help of a Compass. If the axis of the plot is not parallel to the Earth’s magnetic axis, then the angle of tilt should be found. If, any of the corners is not 90 degree, it should be ensured that all the corners of the plot are 90 degree-aligned and the Compound wall should be constructed only after the proper alignment of the corners.

Clearing of Site

Next agenda in the activity list should be clearing the plot of any stones, debris, thorny bushes, shrubs etc.

Bhumi Poojan

After the plot or site is cleared, the first ritual to be done before starting the construction, is a Bhoomi Pooja. The pooja should also include the Vaastu Shanti or Vaastu Yantra Sthapana. Bhumi Poojan should be done at an auspicious time and on an auspicious day, as decided and fixed by your astrologer based on your readings.

Testing of Soil

Dig two pits of size 2ftx2ftx2ft each, preferably in the place where the sump is going to be located. Fill up one of the pits with the dug-up soil. If some soil is left over after filling, the land is good. If there is no soil left after filling up, it is average. If the hole is not fully filled, it is not good. In the other pit fill water upto the rim.

Leveling of plot

After testing of soil, the third ritual called Hal-karshana is performed. This is the leveling of the plot, wherein the site is sloped according to Vaastu guidelines for Site Slope, so that the site is at a higher level than the road level and the South-West corner is higher than the North-East corner. Vaastu also recommends that the whole site be ploughed to rid it of the past and give the soil a new life.

Sowing of seed

The fourth ritual called Ankura-roopan is performed after leveling of the plot. In the ritual seeds are sowed as a final offering to the memory of those who have left the place. It is also the first offering to the freshly ploughed ground.

Digging of Borewel

The next step in the process is the digging of Borewell or constructing underground water source that would provide water for construction. The area best suited for the same is preferred as North-East corner, if there is space point there.

Construction of Storage shed

After the construction of underground water source or storage, the next step is the construction of the storage shed for the building materials such as Cement, logs, iron rods Wood etc and also to be used as a house for a Watchman.

Compound Wall

Now the first step in the construction of the building is the compound wall. After completing all the above steps a boundary wall as per Vaastu recommendations should be done. It is to protect from the natural elements and from thieves.

Foundation Laying

The next step is Shilaanyaasa; that is the foundation laying ceremony. Trenches are dug for the foundation and the stone which is set apart at the time of the Vaastu Pooja, is laid first in the South-West corner of the trenches.


Every building construction requires water source. It is of prime important to have a Water source before the start of construction, since a large quantity of water is required during the building construction. However, the water source is required even for the residents who move into the house. As Vaastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline.


The most common water source in any plot is an Open Well, the Bore well, or the Municipal Water supply. The well water is drawn by a pump or can be drawn up using containers, such as buckets or RAHATS, raised mechanically or by hand.

Vaastu for Commercial Complex

In this era of fast development and equally faster growing population, the small towns and cities are changing into metro cities. With increase in population the land scarcity for residential and commercial activities is building up very fast. Hence, multi-storied buildings for commercial activities are being constructed and the number of such complexes is increasing fast day by day. With increasing production, the business houses are opening their offices and showrooms in numbers for marketing their products. Therefore buildings for these commercial purposes have become a necessity. And such offices are being operated for multi-storied commercial complexes.

While construction of multistoried complexes most of the Vaastu principles can not be followed. Due to high price, most of the value for the price is taken and maximum utilization of space is done. Even doing so, if the rules laid in Vaastu are followed while construction of commercial complex they gain fame and are sold quickly and the business or offices operating for such buildings become profitable.

A rectangular plot of side ratios between 1:1 to 1:2 are best suited for the purpose. Constructions on such plots is auspicious and is beneficial not only to the owners but also to the occupants who rent or buy the commercial units in such constructions.

Vaastu Tips FO Sex

Well, romance is much more pleasurable, exciting, adventurous and sentimental than love. Romance adds a further dimension to love the feeling of mystery! Romance takes love to much higher level, beyond all physical bonds. According to Stephanie Mayer, ‘There is no good story without romance.’ Some legendary tales took romance to the highest levels of piety and just to mention a few from our own culture are: Radha- Krishna, Savitri-Satyavaan and Shakuntala-Dushyant.

What is Sex?

Sex in the most understood form is the provision of nature to propagate life. It is a kind of force which attracts and lures members of opposite sex and persuades them for sexual union so that the race is propagated. The force of attraction associated with sex must not be confused with that of true love.

But right kind of sex has even much higher purpose attached to it than just procreation. It can transform a person!

Is Sex a Taboo?

Well, as we all observe the view point is changing fast. Things have changed so much during the last couple of decades that sex was earlier not discussed as openly as it is now. So although sex is no more a taboo but as yet it is still most misunderstood. People confuse sex with love and fail to understand each in the purest form.

Distinction between Sex and Vulgarity

What you see and hear through audio and visual media nowadays is no doubt vulgarity and items designed to titillate the most animal instincts in the viewers. Such negative intentions have greatly harmed our society and culture and continue to do so.

Pure sex between partners can be uplifting and evolving whereas sensuality, vulgarity and titillation are harmful not only for the individuals but for the whole society.

Sexual Partners

Our society does not permit having more than one sexual partner as it upsets the value based social system. Even in permissive cultures like those of the west we observe the alarming rise of frustration and crime and spiritual bankruptcy due to sexual permissiveness in their society.

Apart from procreation sex has a much higher role if practiced by the life partners who are in love with each other. For life partners who have unbound mutual love sexual practice works wonders in uplifting their spiritual stature and evolving them. Wrong sexual practices and too much indulgence without love deplete one of vital energies and leads to various physical and mental ailments.

Raising Kundalini the Safe Way

Right kind of sex between loving partners partially raises their Kundalini. Well for those who are not aware of Kundalini let me explain that it is immense latent power at a subtle center at the base of the spine near the organs of procreation and defecation. In ordinary people this power is like a sleeping serpent which is sitting there coiled up.

Vaastu Tips for Children Bedroom

Children are the most important part of the family. Parents, they live for them and they render many services to their children just to make them versatile and to make their future bright. Parents, they also do many practices to provide the best to their children, but does the children know how to return back the favour given by their parents. Generally they doesn’t know how to overcome with their studies and how to keep standing an elegant image and name of their parents in the society. Sleep in well manner is basic necessity for all.

Some vaastu tips for children bedroom:-

For children bedroom west is the best direction. For girl’s room north west is best, whereas for boys it can be northern and eastern part of the house.

Entrance door of children bedroom should be in the north or east, and it should have one shutter only.

The window should be opposite to the door & it should be small in west as compared to the one in east or north direction.

Furniture should be few inches away from walls.

Bed should be placed at south direction and some space should be left around the bed. if space cannot provide around the bed, then you can place the bed at south west corner or south or west corner.

While sleeping children should place their head at east side and legs towards west side. It Is very profound way for them to have high intelligence & knowledge. This position can raise more memory power.

For almirahs and cabinet south or west direction is appropriate.

Computer and television should not be placed in children bedroom and if you wish to place so the south east direction is suitable for television and can place computer in north direction of the room.

LCD or the monitor at night reflects the bed, which behaves like a mirror & reflects bad energy.

If you want to place study table in bedroom, then it should be in south direction that child could face east, north and northeast while studying.

In children room up-light at south-east corner, it is good for health and also tends to generate positive energy too. Never use sharp lights and spot lights as it creates mental strain.

Color affects mood a lot and even every aspect of life. Basically green color is ideal for children’s bedroom as it increases brain power and also provides the freshness and peace.

These few tips can be beneficial for the physical as well as mental development of your child & will provide the happiness and allow him/her to excel in all fields…


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A business partnership is an entity in which partners share with each other profits or losses of the business.

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Location of land

An Ideal House can be made on a “GAUMUKHI PLOT”, While selecting a plot the following points should be observed:

  1. Directions facing

Northeast : over all good for home, factory and offices

Northwest : good for trading, business and industry

Southeast : good for chemical, petrochemical, or electric related business or industry

Southwest : good only for night time activities


2. Shape of the plot

There are many shapes and designs of the plots. But only four shapes of plots are recommended.


RECTANGULAR (the ideal ratio is 1:2)



SHERDAH – It means a plot which is wider in front then the back(like a face of a lion). It is good for business and industry.

GAUMUKHI:- It means a plot which is wider in back then the front (like a face of a cow). It is good for residential purpose.


3. Slope

The slope of the plot or land should be towards north and east.


4. Plots having road on one side

The plots facing North and East Road OVERALL PROSPERITY

The plot facing West Road NAME and FAME

The plot facing South Road BUSINESS


5. Plots having roads on both sides

The plot facing North & East Roads GOOD in overall PROSPERITY

The plot facing East & South Roads GOOD for females

The plot facing South & West Roads AVERAGE

The plot facing West & North Roads GOOD

The plots facing North & South Roads AVERAGE

6. Plots having roads on three sides

Plot facing (covered by roads on three sides) three side roads are WEAK PLOTS. It can be improved by providing passage on fourth side.

7. Plots having roads on all sides

Plot facing roads on all sides is the BEST PLOT.

8. Plots facing roads with t-junction

Plots facing road with T-Junction are WEAK PLOTS.

9. Plots at the dead end of the road

The plot at the end of the road is NOT a GOOD PLOT

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