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A Pa kua Mirror consists of a round convex mirror mounted at the centre of an octagonal- shaped Pa Kua. In the Pa Kua all sectors are represented with their respective colors and symbols. The trigram arrangement around the eight sides in a Pa Kua, gives meaning to the eight major directions of the compass, with South always placed on top. A Pa Kua mirror is used to ward off wrong vibrations entering a building mostly through the main door.
A Pa Kau mirror is to be installed outside only. It should never to be used inside a building. Locate a place which is above the center point or back door of the main door frame .( or back door as the case may be ) and roof line. Ideally it should be placed at equal distance from the roof line and door frame.
Item Description :
Height –  5 inches  Width – 5 inches
Material : Wooden
Color    : Multicolor
Price    : $10.00