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In Feng Shui, hanging the coins on the door handles is an excellent way to bring the money luck into your home. You can hang three old Chinese Wealth Coins, tied with a red ribbon or a thread on the door handle.These coins should be hung inside of the door and not outside. This benefits all the members of the house. Don’t hang the coins on every door of your home. Hang them only on the inner-side of the main door of your house.The actual purpose of the Chinese Wealth Coins is to activate money luck. You can take three Chinese Wealth Coins tied with a red ribbon and keep them in your purse or wallet. It symbolized a continuous source of income for an individual. You can use three coins rather than using four, five or more coins as three itself is a very auspicious number in Feng Shui.

It is great to present these coins to someone you care. To energize the money flow these coins can be stuck on the front cover of your account book and bill book or other books registering cash dealing. The Chinese Wealth Coins can even be placed in the cash box in the shops and at home. When sticking these coins on account book cover or on the inside of doors, always stick them with and side up, i.e. the side which has 4 Chinese characters written, should be above and visible and other side with the two characters should be below and should not be visible.

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