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Feng Shui, Calabash is also known as Ho Lu. It is very powerful tool of good fortune as well as longevity. The Calabash is shaped like a bottle gourd. It symbolizes the union of heaven and earth in miniature.The upper half is the heaven and lower half is the earth. In fact, wealth vases are also shaped like the Calabash.Often associated with the Deities, in particular the God of Longevity (Sau), the Calabash represents health.Display this Calabash in the sector corresponding to your health direction if you are suffering from ill health.This will also bring blessings to the family and long life to the Patriarch of the family.
It will also help alleviate the bad energy caused by the inauspicious illness-bringing annual black flying star .Also, place the Calabash at the each side of your bed to protect you from any illness.
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