What is I. Ching

I Ching is a traditional Chinese divination method. It involves tossing three identical coins and using the patterns they form, to receive answers to personal questions from the ‘I Ching’, or the Book of Changes. It is a manual of divination based upon a belief in the synchronicity of the universe. It works on the basic belief that all events occurring at a particular time are interrelated by both vertical and horizontal causality. In ancient times, oracles were in use, everywhere. The oldest among them confined themselves to the answers “yes” and “no”. This type of oracular pronouncement is likewise the basis of the Book of Changes. “Yes” was indicated by a simple unbroken line (___), and “No” by a broken line (_ _). Wielded by a subtle, educated and refined creative intuition, it became a valuable device with which to contemplate the past, present and future. Within the interpretation of the hexagrams, lie some important aspects of the yin-yang (opposing forces like dark and light, female and male, etc.) philosophy, as well as some of the most mysterious Taoist teachings.

I Ching has exerted powerful influence on the Chinese life for three thousand years, but has only recently become known elsewhere. Sincerely consulted, it can help us to open our minds to a recognition of our innate knowledge, and to act upon it in our daily lives. The images formed in this consultation will evoke you and linger in your mind with a deeper understanding of your reading.

Now, you will cast three coins and we make a note of whether they are heads (yang) or tails (yin). Based on this data, a hexagram will be formed. This hexagram will then be read from the bottom up as this is the traditional way of writing Chinese characters (it follows the natural order of things always growing from the ground upwards). This reading will be the answer to you question and the solution to your problems.

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