Simple Ways to Success

Simple Ways to Success, Through your Office

1. Sit diagonally to the entrance door and facing the door.

2. Do not sit near a restroom or share a wall with it or sit under a bathroom above your head.

3. The space in front of your table should be open and not cramped. Your desk should be organized and files on which you are not working should not be stacked on your table .The centre should be kept clean and clutter free.

4. Sit with a solid wall at your back to get support of your higher officials. You can put a picture of mountain behind your chair to get you support and keep betrayals at bay.

5. To increase wealth, opportunities in your career and advancement, place water feature like a fountain or an aquarium in front of your table, especially in the North and East facing offices.

6. Enhance the energy of your South wall by placing red colour candles, objects or lights .This would bring recognition and fame to you and your company. Put the name of your firm or your name in red colour and hang it on the South wall in a red wooden frame. You can also exhibit your certificates of merits and awards framed in red wooden frames to bring in more recognition and fame.

7. To get mentors and helpful people at work, look at your Northwest direction. Keep it clean and place a 6 rod all metal wind chime, place a white crystal lotus and place a golden metal dragon in this direction. You can also keep the photo of your boss here, so as to create a better rapport with him. Do not place any water or blue / black colour objects here.

8. Place pictures or images of merchant ships loaded with gold and precious things, sailing into your office from your wealth direction and bringing in loads of wealth and luck for you. Make sure ships do not look like they are sailing in bad weather and rough seas.

9. Always use the front entrance door to your work if you have two doors.

10. Try to surround yourself with your lucky colours and see the magic it creates in your life.

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