Know the Signs of Loneliness

Is it a man or a woman missing in your life?

When you have a missing NW or SW corner or when it is afflicted by a toilet, kitchen, or storeroom, this means that a man or a woman is missing in your life. Every room must have a NW and a SW corner. The NW sector corresponds to a man and the SW corresponds to a woman. So, if you are a single woman, you need to activate your NW sector, or a single man, then the SW sector. At the same time both single men and women need to activate the SW sector because it is also the sector of marriage, romance, and relationships.

If the NW or SW corner is missing: Place a mirror on the wall where the NW corner should be. Outside, where the missing corner is, try to delineate this space with a light pole, a heavy rock or object, or create a fenced area or garden.

If the NW/SW corner has a Toilet: Make sure this room has a mirror in it. Keep the door closed and place a heavy rock in the NW toilet, and candles along with red objects in the SW toilet.

If the NW/SW has a Kitchen:
Kitchens in the NW are not good. Place some boulders here. You can also paint this room a beige colour. In the SW, add pairs of objects, such as setting a place for two at the table. You can also add a stone object here or paint the kitchen beige.

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