Relationship with Children

Fengshui Tips for Relationship with Children:

Children are indeed a blessing of lord to every family. In every era a family is regarded as incomplete without children. Many ways were utilized, past, such that family could be completed by having children. A family is considered happy if the relationship between parents and the children is strong. However, few a time children can get out of hand. Applying Feng Shui remedies can help enhance ones relationship with their children therefore strengthening family ties.

• To enhance relationship with children, one must sleep with their head towards their ‘Nien Yin’ direction, which can be found using the Kua number.

• There should be no source of negative energy in front of your main door. Avoid or remove any source that is sending negative-poison-arrows towards your door. IF it is not possible to remove such sources use gadgets to reduce such energies.

• West is the direction for children. It is also the direction of small-metal. Earth produces metal and fire destroys. Enhance Earth or Metal elements this direction and avoid fire elements. Gold, Silver and White are the colours suitable in this direction. Also avoid water element in this direction.

• Sometimes It is seen that the west section in a house ie either missing or cut. If such is the situation, use bright light or a mirror to partially remedy this problem. It is advisable to activate the west area of the bedroom as well.

• Enhance the south-east area of the house using some items in white, silver or gold.

• Avoid sleeping with your head towards toilet. Make sure that the childrens also do not sleep in such a position. This brings bad luck and the children are distracted from their studies.

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