Fengshui for Name

Someone has said it very truly, that everyone has his or her 15 minutes of fame. Whereas for few fame stares directly in their eyes every minute of the day. Reputation and fame is of great importance for the career and the image one represents for their company. But we find that luck is not always with everyone, there may be few unlucky moments in any ones life. There can be damage to reputation caused by scandals, lawsuits, convictions and gossips. Given below are few Feng-Shui tips to avoid such situations:


• Using your Kua number find out your best directions. Sleep with your head pointed at your best suitable direction avoiding NORTH.

• If your career or job is based on public relation, name and fame, renovate your house such that the main door faces your lucky direction.

• If the main door of your house faces a high building on the opposite street or there is a corner of the large building in front of your main door, hang a Pa Kua to soften the effect of the negative energy.

• As per feng-shui, the South zone governs name & fame and the element of south is fire. If it is possible, paint this area of your house a lovely shade of bright-light red or hang red drapes there, as red is the colour that represents fire.

• In the south section, wooden furniture can be helpful to energize the fire element. You can also hang a painting with red color. Do not place any water feature in this area, as it will obscure the natural fire element.

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