Feng Shui to Benefit Children

How to use Feng Shui to Benefit Children

1. The child should always sleep with his head in his personal health direction.

2. The bed should be put at least six inches away from the wall and should not face the door directly.

3. There should be no beams or any sharp corners like open shelves etc.  facing the bed or in the bedroom.

4. The colour theme should be yang in nature and the walls should be plain rather than textured.

5.The furniture should be child friendly which means it should have no pointed corners and should not use too much of glass.

6. The looking glass should not reflect his bed or study table.

7. The study table should not be kept at the window and there should be no tall tree at the window. When the child sits to study he should face his personal growth direction.

8. There should not be a window or door behind his back. Rather a solid wall would support him. Also the child should not sit to study at a place where there is bathroom, store or kitchen above him.

9. You can place a 9 or 7 level pagoda, two fish crossing the dragon gate, or three fish with a crystal ball on the northeast of the table or study room to enhance his concentration and examination luck.

10. While studying the child can hold a crystal pencil point in the hand, keep it under the pillow while sleeping and carry it on him at the examination or place it on the table. It will help him recall what all he has learnt.

11. Make him wear one eye dzi bead with malachite to enhance his study luck and also provide protection.

12. To control sibling rivalry treat each child as individual and do not draw comparisons with one another. Let them use the same things and if possible encourage the feeling of sharing with one another.

13. The child should sit facing his health direction while having meals.

14. In case the child does not sleep well, you should put an amethyst ball or pen point under his pillow for sound sleep.

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