Feng Shui for Enhancing Love

1. Love and relationships sometimes get enhanced or put under stress, according to the principles of feng shui. The relationship section of home is found in the far right corner of each room, or the far right area of living quarters, from the entranceway.

2. If the house is in a L then sketch in an invisible line to make it a rectangle or a square, and find the love and relationship section outside if it falls in that sector.

3. There are ways to enhance this important sector of the home-

4. Add Colors like Pink for Sweet and tender love; Red for Fiery passion; White for Purity and fidelity.

5. Grow Plants that are self-propagating and Perennials.

6. Place Stones like Moonstone to bring new love; Garnet, Rhodochrsosite and Rose Quartz to reflect unconditional love.

7. Include Birds as they symbolize union of man and woman to the Chinese. Look for birds on paintings, fans, and carved boxes.

8. Except for self-propagating plants, make sure you include two of everything, such as two chimes, two flower pots, two red candles, and two hearts.

9. Images of the sun and moon together are very good, as is the symbol of yin/yang.

10. Remove images of angels, Buddha’s, cactus, anything that could be cooling, such as a shower.

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