Feng Shui for Career

To have a good life one must ensure of having a great career. But things can go wrong when least expected. Use Feng Shui remedies for enhancing career luck.

• Find out your Kua number and your 4 best directions. The direction of Career, the direction of sleep, the direction of relationship and direction of finance.

• If you think your career is not moving as desired or is not moving at all, change the direction of main door to your suitable positive direction of career.

• If you have your own office, place your desk such that the door of your cabin does not open directly on your seat. Have a solid back.

• If you sit with your back to a window or a door, your career shall not move in any direction. There shall be no support in your life. You might even be backstabbed or double-crossed by people working for you or with you. There should be no object that produces negative arrows of poison behind your back.

• Place a painting of mountain(s) (without any water feature) behind your working table. (ie.e behind your seat on the wall.)

• If there are pillars in your office, place plants to avoid the negative energy sent / emitted by them. It is also suggested that the plants do not wither and die. Good lighting or crystals can be used as remedies for such problems.

• As per Feng-Shui, North area of the house represents career. And the element of North is water and the color is blue. In the North area of the house or office we can place metal wind chime to enhance our career. Do not place tin this area that represents earth or wood element.

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