Art of Auspicious Gifting

The very gesture of gifting shows that you care for the person, but do we know that the type of gift given can actually be inauspicious despite of our sincere feelings for the person. One thinks that any gift that is given from the heart is good, but unfortunately, that is not always the truth.  As per Feng Shui there are certain things which should never be gifted to anyone. Following things should be avoided at any cost:

1. Clocks and Watches

These things remind you of time that is passing with each movement of its arm. This indicates a limited time span which is very inauspicious. It brings you to a limited time frame as the clocks measure passage of time, thus indicating how much time is left with you; it limits your life.

2. Red Roses

As we all know that people show their love for one another by gifting red roses, but actually it is inauspicious for the relation. The longer the stem and the sharper the thorns, the more the relationship will suffer.  Gifting red roses with thorns actually signifies the beginning of the end of the relationship. It is instead advisable to gift yellow, pink or cream colour roses, without the thorns on them. Also never mix red and white roses together as it denotes a death wish.

3. Sharp Objects

Never gift things which have sharp edges or have teeth or blades in them. For example  a blade, chainsaw, dagger, hunting knife, letter opener, penknife, scissors, Swiss Army knife, sword etc.  Doing so will actually kill your friendship and love between you and your friend as sharp objects  give out shar or negative energy, which means you are gifting the person bad luck.

4. Handkerchiefs

It is a highly inauspicious gift as handkerchiefs are generally used to wipe away tears, dirt or sweat; which are all negative forms of energy. By doing so it means you are suggesting that the person gets lots of sorrows and negative energy and that he would be crying a lot in the future.

5. Give Shoes

It denotes that you are sending bad energy and luck to the person whom you gift shoes or sandals. It symbolises that he walks on a rough road leading him to sorrows; its a big taboo.

But just in case you feel that you want to present the person these things from you side without any negative   effect as  discussed above,    all you need to do is ask for some  money ( has to be coins) in return for these otherwise inauspicious gifts. This then changes the energy as it appears that the person has not received the gift but as purchased it. Obviously you cannot do this each time, this is just a way out in case you have already purchased the gift, and it is applicable only to metal based gifts.

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