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Acharya Kanchan : Astrologer, Vastu –Feng Shui consultant was born in city Delhi. Soon after completing her post graduation, she entered the occult sciences of  Astrology, Vastu – Feng Shui & Numerology as a hobbyist..

Acharya Kanchan an astrologer of international repute and Vaastu-Feng Shui consultant has been practicing astrology for 12 years with mastery in Vedic and Indian astrology and deep understanding of the practical aspects of life and its nuances. She connects with people both on a personal level and on a philosophical plane. Her desire is to equip the individuals with knowledge to deal best with their lives and make the most of it. Over the years, she has been researching on topics like timing of marriage, career astrology including political predictions. Almost every prediction that she has made  have come true .She is a firm believer in rational method of predicting events as against the usual practice that has been followed in order to fool people who are in a problem. She  will not just help you by predicting your attitudes but also important transitions and possible pitfalls that you might face in life.

She can provide you with assistance in any area of life where you have been stuck for sometime and are not able to make a decision. She does not believe in generic predictions and shares a special connection with each of her customers.

She advises on career, love, marriage, finance, health and other aspects of life . Her other interests include travelling, content writing and Internet. She has launched this web portal www.nineplanets.in  to share her experiences in the areas of her interest and to be in touch with her clients. This portal also helps people to understand the concepts of Astrology, Feng shui, Vastu, gemology and numerology, away from myths and superstitions.Get your personalized horoscope reading and jyotish forecasts and make the most of your opportunities. Find astrological solutions to your problems.

Designation: Astrology, Vastu –Feng Shui, Gemology Consultant.

Experience: 12 years

Expertise: Indian and Red book, Astrology, Yearly Horoscope, Vaastu, Numerology, Gemology, Feng Shui, Tarot reading.

Current Focus Areas: Career, Finance, education, relationships, remedial astrology, vaastu problems, gemology and expert in Astrology and Feng Shui. Also in providing information on lucky Mobile number, names, colours,  and gems  for you through Numerology.

Experience The Power Of Vaastushastra …. Improve Your Health, Wealth & Relations

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