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“NINE PLANETS” Through this website we wish to suggest ways and habits which we can incorporate in our daily life so that we can be inclined in accordance with nature and stars leading to synergy instead of creating friction leading to a happier life.It is a happy blending of ancient and modern sciences, or, in other words, the synthesis of the ancient wisdom and the modern scientific knowledge. It is a positive resolve for creating a healthy human society – healthy in all respects physically, mentally and emotionally.Away from superstition we will use the traditional methods used by our for fathers to ward of problems in our life like use of gem stones, Rudraksh, numerology and healing mantras. Modern techniques like Namology are also discussed.

These are an attempt to synchronize our lifestyle in line with our stars to reduce frictions leading to synergy and happiness. The success also depends on our devotion and faith in the almighty. By devoting a few minutes to the all mighty and doing some exercises like pranayam the above will have a catalytic effect on our life leading to faster results. Please note that we can only give you guideline to act upon, you have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines.The vibrational frequencies emitted by the stars have an influence on what transpires here on planet earth, watching the stars tells us a lot about who we are, what characteristics we will manifest as individuals, what challenges and learning experiences we must master and the stars can also speak very specifically about where we’re going…..

Different Types of Nine Planets : Sun Mercury Saturn Moon Jupiter Rahu Mars Venus Ketu

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